Yarkspiri @ Ottawa ComicCon

Yarkspiri will be presents at the first ever Comic Con in Ottawa on May 12 - 13.  A limited number of prints will be available for sale during this show (look for us in Artist Alley, booth 712-B).  An excellent lineup of celebrities include but are not limited to:

William Shatner Lou Ferrigno Elvira Brent Spiner Jeremy Bulloch John de Lancie

Prints which are to be sold at the event are listed in the "Store Menue", under "Available Prints". There is only a limited number of prints and bundle packs that will available and these items will not be re-printed once we're sold out. Also available are signed full scale numbered prints which feature old signature name of DK. looks forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming convention.  For more information about the event please visit the ComicCon main site @

Hand Drawing Anatomy Exercise

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In order to prepare for this drawing I had to reference several different hand drawings as well as my own physical hand.  By taking these various forms of reference I was able to find a comfortable method by which I could break down the structure of the hand.

Speed Painting Tutorial

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