Creative Transformation of Art?

The creative process, although many may not realize it, is compromised of several different processes. From what the artist imagines to the final product it is this process which produces the final results for everyone to enjoy.

The creative process is different for every person but there are some common stages which are similar for most people. The fist and most important stage is that of the initial idea to create something and this can normally be either pre-planned or spontaneous. When a piece is pre-planned the artist normally has a general idea of what they want to achieve. If an artist works spontaneously then they often rely on how the medium reacts when used.

For an artist which prefers to pre-plan their pieces, they will often select materials which are more likely to give them the desired results. Depending on the materials available it will automatically affect the end result. The initial idea that the artist came up with will therefore change as a result of anticipated limitations imposed by the mediums used.

Mistakes or unplanned results will cause the initial idea to change once again. These will often occur multiple times during the creative process and alters the final product once again. At this stage, composition is tweaked to either make it easier to achieve or to create a more appealing product.

If a piece is being created spontaneously then it is more directly affected by the available materials. Most of these artists get their ideas from various sources scattered throughout their shop or house. Unique ideas are then created by visualizing the possibilities within the mediums and therefore rarely require any pre-planning. The mistakes or unplanned results will more directly affect the progression of the piece since these artist are not concerned with achieve a specific look for their piece.

Like anything else there are and will always be people who are the exception to this rule. For the most part these people often have an ability to fully visualize a product prior to its completion. In certain cases this can be beneficial but it can also be limiting depending on the person.

Even with the most careful planning there is still often a transition that is made from the initial idea to the final product. Depending on a person’s drawing style this may include different stages but the core element remains that a transition is necessary to produce the final piece. I hope you all enjoyed this article and I hope to see you guys soon.

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