Elf Vs Werewolf! – (How to Paint digitally) – Art Illustration


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“abbydavies” made the special request for this image which just happened to be in time for Halloween. This entire image took around 8 hours to complete and provided me with some fun challenges in the drawing process. By making sure that I had some strong perspective lines I was able to come up with a dynamic pose for both of the characters in this illustration.Since Halloween is this Thursday I will be making an effort to come out with an additional time lapse video showing my building process for this years costume. I’ll try to post it for this Thursday otherwise it will be made as soon as possible.


Happy Halloween :) 

To view my drawing process, please feel free to view my tutorial below on “Elf Vs Werewolf! –  (How to Paint digitally) – Art Illustration” in my unique style. The video Tutorial is also available in the “Video Tutorial Sidebar Menu” or by following the link to the main YouTube channel.

Speed Painting Tutorial

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