Yarkspiri Meets Artist Alley @ Montreal Comic Con 2012


This is a list of the different artist which left me with a great respect for their talent and personalities during the Montreal Comic Con.  Although most of the artists are visual there are a select few which are writers or reviewers.  While I did attempt to visit all of the booths, there are some which I was unable to visit prior to the conclusion of this event.


Jeff Simpson is a very talented artist who produces original works which help motivate all those who seem them.  He has worked for companies such as Ubisoft and graduated from an animation course in 2007. Although this talented artist is a highly trained professional he’s very pleasant to talk to and I which him the best of luck in his career.



Drake Tsui is a very talented character designer and illustrator working hard to produce unique pieces of artwork.    This very nice person is very pleasant to talk to and I which him the best of luck in the industry.



Lamin Martin is a very talented illustrator whose original works are highly sought big name companies.  Although this artist is well known throughout the industry he’s still very humble about his skill and was nice to talk to.



Mike Rooth is a talented artist who produces both unique and fan based artwork that can be enjoyed by a multitude of people.  This was a very nice artist to talk to because of his down to earth manner.



David Therrian is a talented illustrator and makeup FX artist who’s from the St-Jerome area of Quebec.  It was very nice to talk to this humble person and I which him the best of luck in the future.



Mirrorcomics is comic book distributor who’s working hard to promote both their works and other unknown artists through social media networks.   These artists produce not only original content but are very eager in helping others achieve their goals.



This young artist is produces nostalgic fan art that comic book and game fans will be able to enjoy.  I sat next to this artists table and found that both he and his friend were very nice to talk to.  They were extremely patient even though we were constantly moving back and forth behind their table.



Nextgenesiscomics is a collection of artists and writers working hard to promote themselves online.  These hardworking artists possess a pleasant outlook which is reflected in the artwork they produce.



Sebastian Leblanc is a young talented artist who’s worked for a variety of clients both in Ontario and Quebec.  He was extremely pleasant to talk and his sense of human is reflected in the pieces that he produces.



Jean-Pierre Normand is a very talented traditional artist who produces artwork using a variety of different mediums.  This artist’s ability to render such beautiful images using traditional mediums is a rare gift in this digital age.



Becky Cloonan is an extremely talented artist whose work as been sought after by many companies.  It is through her dedication of the creating process that she does her best to publish a new piece every year even if she’s working on a project.



Caroline Breault is a professional graphic designer, illustrator who’s from the Montreal, Quebec.  Although she’s worked in the industry for several years she still possesses a humble atmosphere to her.



Mokuu is a local artist that is eagerly working his skills so that he can inspire other young artists.  This gentleman was very pleasant to talk to and I’m looking forward to meeting him at future events.


Killshakesspeare is an online comic that was created by a small group of artists and creators who’ve turned the Shakespeare name into an interesting comic.  Their 1St issue is free for download through their site.


Deadheadcomicsks is an inspiring local artist who’s working hard to promote his work through both his online store and Facebook page. This young gentleman was pleasant to talk to and works hard to produce original artwork for enjoyment of all those around him.



Lefrelonvert is an avid movie enthusiast who reviews movies and provides his audience with a quick breakdown of what it is about.  This gentleman was very nice to talk to and his passion clearly shows.