How to Use Adobe Photoshop for Drawing – Select and Marquee Tool

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In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial I cover some of the various options which are made available through the select and marquee tool.  The video tutorial that you see above is designed for help beginners gain the understanding that is needed in order to properly use the software for a variety of uses as well as painting purposes. Please feel free to visit the main YouTube channel in order to gain full access to all of the video tutorials and subscribe in order to benefit fully from this unique content.

Fire Wizard vs Ice sorceress – How to Draw a Wizard and Sorceress Tutorial Link

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This drawing was a special request that was made by one of my YouTube subscribers.  This illustration drawing features an epic battle between a fire wizard and the ice sorceress.  This drawing was unique challenge for me since I had never drawn ice or fire before and was a very rewarding piece once I had completed it.

To view my drawing process, please feel free to view my tutorial below on "How to draw a Fire Wizard vs Ice sorceress" in my unique style. The video Tutorial is also available in the "Video Tutorial Sidebar Menu" or by following the link to the main YouTube channel.

Speed Painting Tutorial

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