A Brief History

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Yarkspiri Fantasy Art was founded by Yasmeen in 2012/02/22 which previously had been using the pen name of DK @  Due to creative differences and diverging drawing styles, the two creators of this site decided to create their own websites and companies to better reflect their future goals.  KB adopted as her company name while Yasmeen took on Yarkspiri Fantasy  Although both maintain different views, they still work together to brand themselves under their new company names.

Yasmeen actively seeks out the skills and techniques which will allow her to push the limits of her own creativity.  Learning new skills related to the various mediums she prefers is a limitless challenge she actively enjoys and shares with her viewers.   Her explorations have led her to take on a darker style of drawing while still maintaining a sense of beauty.

Emergence of a Name

  • Y: Stands for the first name in “Yasmeen” who is the founding creator of this website.
  • Spiri: Is derived from the word spirit.  To an artist, it is the portion that is revealed to the viewer in the creation of a new piece.  It is a rare glimpse into the soul of an artist and how they view or interpret the world around them. 

***New Video’s are posted on a weekly basis depending on Contract Availability***

 A behind the scenes look at Yarkspiri Fantasy Art . com.

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