Link to ThingInverse Files

In this video I explain the process of changing your FDM printer to take 2.85 filament.  The video also discusses whether or not making this mod might actually be worth it.  In This video I modded my I3 Anycubic Mega to take 2.85 instead of the standard 1.75.  I did this to see how complicated this process might be and some of the issues that could result.  This video explains the process and my findings.

In this video I review how some common cleaning supplies can be used as cleaning alternatives to resin prints.  Due to shortages in my area I’ve had to get creative in what I use so I decided to share my results with the 3D printing community.  Since I use my printer for prototyping products that I make I am currently planning on making a follow up video which tests whether or not these materials react to casting products or paints in the future.  If you’re interested in those results you’ll want to keep an eye out for that upcoming video.