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The Story

Under my iron rule, I was to be betrayed by those who could not accept my greater vision. With a name that was stricken from all records, I now lay nameless and have vowed to regain my former grandeur.

By Today’s measure, I may seem overly elaborate, but within the coldness I hold my dark secret. My blade holds hungering crystals that will prey off the souls the moment they may be struck down. Every living creature contains both good and evil, but many choose to side with what the best suites their own needs. Whether it’s helping those around them, or stomping them out because of their fear, all contain an edge of darkness.

In those dark moments of hidden memories, I nibble or feast. It is this poison that drives me forwards and gives me strength, but when I’m not fed enough by my wielder, so begin the true test. Only strong wills may contain my greedy hunger because otherwise I become the master puppeteer. As I begin slithering my control within their mind, little do they realize whose decision it was all along.

Those who are wise and just rarely need worry about my gaze, for they hold little interest to me if they cannot be corruption from within. Oh, what joy I take in eroding the mind of another until they see nothing else but what I choose to feed them. So thine does their will become from my insensitive tutelage, that before long, I am all that remains within the mind. By this point, I am the wielder and master of this vessel, and I’m now free to do as I will.