This is a special update with information for the free ballot at the Montreal comic con. I also cover some important information on site updates and I’m looking for some feedback on the new content via my website.

Montreal Comic Con 2012

Jason Robichaud

Mae Greyfrost


Please let me know if the current updates work properly and if you were able to properly download the desktop backgrounds.

Newer posts will now have additional information on the creation of the drawings which are featured.  This information can now be accessed by clicking [expand title=”CLICK for additional details”]This is designed to prevent the post from becoming too cluttered and prevent the need for scrolling down to view this information.[/expand]  This change has already been implemented on the more resent posts and will be implemented for future posts.

Two new images have been added to “The Sketchpad” section.

Now that almost everything’s been optimized you should find the loading speeds much faster in any section that you visit. More content should be added within the next couple of weeks and we’re hopping to make some of it free to download as well.

Once the networking problems are fixed in a couple of weeks we will slowly be adding captions to the existing Video Tutorials. It will take a couple of weeks to finish these changes but should help all of you who don’t speak English as a first language enjoy this free information.