CyberPunk Evolution – 2D to 3D and Back

I decided to go through the steps of designing a prop which might fit into the cyberpunk 2077 style video game. In this video, I show the steps that I took to complete the project. Like most projects, although it took quite a while to complete, it was well worth it to get the results that you see here. This video features both 2D design and 3D design techniques to create a finalized prop.


Yasmeen completed both the 2D and 3D animation course at Algonquin College and worked in the animation industry as a freelancer for a number of years before being hired to manage the 3D printing services at ItsYeBoi. While using the Alias of "Jenny" during her services, she was responsible for the testing, maintenance and upgrading of the machine while also filming and developing 3D printable assets for various projects.