Melting Knobs! – Photon Mono X


Hello everybody and welcome to another mod video. Today we’ll be addressing how to replace the existing knobs that come on the Photon Mono X 4K by Anycubic. If you don’t already know this, they do have a tendency to melt when exposed to isopropyl alcohol. As of recording this video, this machine is still being sold with this defect. As always, undertake this mod at your own risk, and I’m in no way responsible if any damages may occur.

So before we being, we first need to get our hands on a couple of supplies. We’re first going to either order new components or re-use the one’s which came with the machine. Now in this case, I will be showing you how to use the original components, however I’ve verified the dimensions for the replacement parts. For this project, you’re going to need to pick up 2 M6 hex head bolts along with their corresponding nuts, as well as 1 M8 hex bolt and nut. These files can be printed with either an FDM printer or SLA one, however I do recommend using an FDM printer if you have one since I found that the resin doesn’t stick as much to those surfaces.

If you’re re-using the original components, you’re first going to need to salvage the bolts and nuts from the originals. The best way to do this is to saw partway through them and pry them out carefully. Since this isn’t easy to do, I recommend ordering the replacement parts if possible.

The way the original hardware was designed, it had one nut threaded part way, so for this reason we’re going to thread this through while making sure it’s flush with the printed opening. This provides the bolt with additional support to prevent it from wobbling later on. Making sure that the head and the nut are lined up, we’ll glue these into place and clamp this together before letting them rest overnight to set. In my case, I’m using an expanding glue, which will fill in the gaps between the bolt and the printed handle. While this isn’t necessary, I do recommend it.

Once glued in place, you can now install your build plate with the new tightening knobs, making sure to thread these only enough to hold them it into place. The reason why you don’t want to over-tighten them, is that you want to prevent from stripping the bolt threads with unnecessary wear. While installing the build plate knob, I do recommended that you place something above your build plate. This will prevent any accidental damage that could occur from the knob falling onto FEP sheet or screen.

With your new upgraded components installed, you can now begin your new prints. I would love to see what colours you’re planning to use with this mod, so please post your recommendation in the comments below. As to where you can get these files. The STL’s along with their instruction sheets will be available on my main website as always. I will include a link in the description below. Thank you for watching, and I hope to see you guys again soon. Thank you and take care.