Installing Custom Vdm Brushes In Blender – A Quick And Easy Guide

How to install custom VDM brushes in Blender the quick and easy way.


In order to get the most out of the sculpting features while also increase productivity, it’s normally a good idea to begin using custom brushes. In order to install these tools, you’ll need to do the following.

After downloading the .zip file, extract it and place it in a location that will be easy to find. If you’re using one of my mine VDM kits, they’ll be both a PDF user guide along with the .blend file. Open up a new scene and go to File + Append. Locate the .blend file and click Append. Open the brush folder + select the brushes that you want to use in your file. Most creators will add a unique name that will make them stand out from the default one’s. In my PDF guide, I’ve included a Brush summary sheet along with Variations, so you can import only the one’s that you will need. In order to use a brush, the proper tool must be selected before clicking on one of the new one’s. Using the middle mouse, it’s now easy to scroll through the icon list once the images have finished loading. In order for the brush to work properly, the mesh will require enough resolution and will need to either have a multiresolution modifier applied, or be using the dyntopo at the correct resolution.

In the next guide, we’ll go over how to remove any unwanted brushes to clean up the interface.

Notes and Recommendations

  • Pixelated or rough looking results = normally means that the resolution isn’t great enough to achieve the desired level of detail. Try either increasing the brush size or increasing the mesh resolution
  • Increasing resolution = can be done using either Dyntopo or a Multiresolution Modifier
  • Dynopo = better for rough shape sculpting, but will need to be re-meshed afterwards if it is to be used for animation
  • Multiresolution = better suited for animation and additional details

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